Harp for Soul

“Let the magical sound of harp balance your inner harmony and make you peaceful!”

Healing power of the harp is used since ancient times. From Apollo's lyre to King David’s harp, stories are told, on the harp's power to relieve and heal.

Harp sound is helpful to the pregnant women, the mothers, who have recently given birth, and the new-born babies. The curative effects of harp therapy on hard diseases, such as cancer, autism, mental illness… etc, is scientifically proved.

When you stress away from the body, natural healing can start. You can reduce your blood pressure, you can regulate your heart rate, your mental clarity, your focus and a better quality of sleep.

Relaxing harp melodies are perfect for the people, who are stressed out, needs sleep, or wants just to relax. During meditation the harp sound provides deep concentration.

Duygu gives relaxation concerts. Everyone of all ages are very welcome.

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